We all know moving is a BIG DEAL. There are so many aspects to juggle: planning, preparing, packing, coordinating time off from work … and budgeting for moving services. As you research removalists, you’ll quickly learn they offer a wide variety of services. Once such service that is often overlooked is that of professional packers.

Some people view this service as an extravagance that is either unaffordable or unnecessary. Yet, packing your household items can be one of the most stressful and labor-intensive aspects of moving into a new home. So, is hiring a team of pros worth the financial investment?

Let’s look at the drawbacks and benefits of hiring professional packers.

The Concerns

Cost: There’s no two ways around it; if you decide to hire packers you’re going to pay for the service. Before you decide to skip this offer, call your mover to inquire about the cost – you might be surprised by the reasonable rate. Depending on the amount of packing your move requires and the length of time, rates can start at a few hundred dollars.

Control: This can be difficult for those who like things “just so”. Hiring packers means you’re going to have to give up that control, allowing the professionals to pack in the most efficient method – even if that method differs from your own. The good news is, any professional crew worth their salt has experience working with nervous clients and will likely offer you ways to participate in the process without doing any actual packing.

Trust: In order to feel comfortable with the packing process, you’re going to need to hire packers you trust. After all, they are going to come into close contact with your most treasured possessions. It’s important to thoroughly vet any company you plan to hire; professional movers should be happy to provide you with a list of references and proof of licensing. Having confidence in your team will ensure you experience a stress free moving process.

The Benefits

Stellar Service: The exact services offered by your packing team will depend on what you and the moving company agree upon, but you will enjoy the convenience of having packing materials (boxes, packing paper, tape and other specialized equipment) provided for you. They will move methodically from room to room, packing up your items and making sure they are well cushioned. Each packed box will be labeled to ensure they are moved into the appropriate area of your new home. Paying for a little peace of mind may be well worth the additional cost.

Damage Prevention: Hiring a professional team means you’re paying for experience. They know exactly how to protect delicately stemmed drinkware, expensive art and other fragile items. They also know how to pack items within boxes in a way that is secure and reduces the risk of damage.

Even if you opt to do the bulk of the packing yourself, you may want to consider allowing the professionals to pack things like chandeliers, china or valuable furniture that must be disassembled prior to the move. Most professional services are happy to give you a personalized quote for packing a few delicate pieces.

Efficiency: Making a big move is something you may do only a handful of times in your life. For experienced packers, wrapping and packing a houseful of items is something they do every day and have down to a science. Many choose to hire professional packers because the task is accomplished infinitely faster. What may take you half a day to pack can easily be accomplished by a professional team in an hour or two. Time, as they say, is money – and there are instances when spending the money is worth the time saved.

Your Freedom: Perhaps this sounds a bit dramatic, but there is something wonderful about setting a team of packers to task, leaving the room and going on with the thousands of other things on your to-do list. While you’ll likely need to be onsite during the packing process, having the extra sets of hands means you can make important phone calls (the utility services won’t turn themselves on at your address) or complete other tasks like removing bedding, unplugging and grouping electronic items, and measuring furniture (you’ll want to make sure the sofa will fit through the new doorway).

At Holloway Removalists, we pride ourselves in offering a variety of moving and packing services that can be easily modified to meet the needs of your home.

Our expert team of licensed packers and movers will treat your things as if they’re our own. Whether you require a full-service pack and move or just need assistance getting your items securely packed, we will provide a quote created just for you.

After all, it’s your move.