5 Reasons to Hire Commercial Movers for Your Next Office Move

When you are willing to deal with your official projects and manage the relocation task simultaneously, it is good to hire commercial movers. Find details here!

If there is anything with the potential to be more stressful than a residential move, it just might be coordinating an office relocation. Unlike a home move where you have only to worry about yourself and your family, an office relocation has millions of moving parts to consider. How do you stay in business while packing for relocation? Which of the removalists in Sydney are best suited for the job?

If you are wondering whether you should hire commercial movers for your Sydney office relocation, we’ve gathered a list of 5 reasons why making the investment in a team of professional removalists is a decision you won’t regret.

1. They Have the Equipment Needed for a Safe Move

It’s one thing to take on a home move yourself (though we wouldn’t recommend it), but it is quite another to tackle the complicated transfer of a business office.

Commercial movers come with all the specialised knowledge and equipment necessary to disassemble cubicles and safely transport them, along with copiers, printers, computers, and servers, to your new office location.

2. They are Insured

When you hire a professional commercial moving crew, you have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your equipment is covered under the removalist’s insurance policy. (If you aren’t sure whether your removalist is insured, call them ASAP to confirm. If you find they aren’t insured, cancel your contract and find another removalist…or call us at Holloway.)

Occasionally, bosses will try to save money by forgoing the hiring of commercial movers and, instead, having their employees assist with the move during work hours. But consider this—if Frank from accounting accidentally drops a computer monitor as he attempts to move it from one location to the next, who is going to pay for said monitor? You can bet it won’t be Frank.

Hire the pros and let them assume the risk of safely transporting your equipment. You won’t be sorry.

3. They Keep Business Downtime to a Minimum

Businesses that try to move themselves often find their doors are closed for weeks as employees waste precious work hours boxing up items, helping with a move, then unpacking. Refusing to hire pros often leaves business owners with stressed employees and a dip in profitability.

When you hire a professional moving team, you have the luxury of leaving the disassembling, packing, moving, unloading, and reassembling to the pros. This, in turn, allows your staff to fill their day completing work tasks instead of wasting time trying to help with the move.

A professional team can pack your office up in a fraction of the time it will take you and your staff to do it, which means your business can stay open until the last possible minute. And once everything is moved to your new location, commercial movers will set everything back up in a flash, allowing you to open your doors for business in a matter of days instead of weeks.

4. They Will Save You Money in the Long Run

We know it seems counterintuitive but hiring commercial movers can save you money. How? If you don’t hire a professional team, you will have to rent a moving van, a flatbed to safely transport large pieces of equipment, dollies, furniture trucks, packing materials and the tools needed to disassemble cubicles.

You’ll also spend a significant amount of money paying employees to pack, clean, and move while work productivity plummets. Finally, you’ll incur additional costs when employees become disgruntled and quit (after all, the cost of replacing employees isn’t cheap).

Though it may seem like a money saver, the costs associated with a self-move job quickly add up and make the hiring of a commercial removalist team the real money saver in the long run.

5. Hiring Pros is the Right Thing to Do for Employees

This has been a running theme throughout this article, but it’s important enough to deserve its own spot on this list. Hiring a professional team is the right thing to do for your employees. They did not sign on to be impromptu movers because you don’t want to spend the money on a professional crew. Your employees work hard for you.

Forcing them to take on the mentally and physically exhausting task of moving their workplace is not only unfair, but it could also leave you liable should an employee experience an injury during the move. Commercial movers are trained experts with the specialised equipment needed to safely move heavy office furniture and equipment while avoiding injury.

Respect your staff by hiring professional movers…you’ll be glad you did.

And so…

If you are looking for a respected Sydney removalist with years of commercial moving experience, contact us at Holloway Removals. Our moving experts understand the unique requirements of commercial moves and will be happy to provide excellent, customised service to you and your business.

Make your commercial move the right way…with Holloway.

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