If you joined us for last week’s blog, you know that preparing for the big move should start much earlier than most people realize—about 2 months prior to moving day.

(If you missed last week’s blog, fear not! You can catch up by clicking here to read Part 1 of the Ultimate Moving Checklist.)

So, here we are, two weeks away from moving day and there is so much to do! Here’s the good news, with a little organization and time management you’ll find you have plenty of time to get everything ready—and we’re here to help. Let’s break it down.

2 Weeks Before

Dispose of Toxic Chemicals – As you’ve been packing and organizing, you’ve likely come across multiple cans or containers of expired cleaners, poisons and chemicals. Now is the time to find your local hazardous waste disposal company and make arrangements to drop these items off.

Do a Little Meal Prepping – On the days just before and after the move, cooking is going to be THE LAST thing you’ll want to deal with. Save time (and your sanity) by preparing a few meals in advance and throwing them in the freezer. Doing so will allow you to have options on the nights when you’re just too tired to think about dinner.

Start Changing Your Address – It’s time to let important organizations know about your new address. Here are a few places to contact:

  • Your gym/fitness center
  • Doctors’ offices
  • Loan providers, credit card companies, and banks
  • Government offices
  • Car Insurance/Registration
  • Driver’s License

Call That Babysitter – Two weeks should give you plenty of time to line up a sitter for children if you have them. Knowing they are entertained and out of the way on moving day will give you one less thing to worry about.

Think About Your Medications – It’s a good idea to fill any prescriptions you’ll need in advance. While you’re at it, you can transfer prescriptions to a pharmacy closer to your new home.

1 Week Before

Think About Any Upcoming Deliveries – Odds are you may have an item or two being shipped to your old address. Update your information with any online companies you use and make arrangements to have packages rerouted or picked up upon delivery.

Clean! – There’s no getting around it—cleaning your old home before the new owners move in is just good manners. Plan to vacuum, clean all appliances that are staying, all tubs and sinks, and wipe down cabinets and shelves. If it sounds like more than you want to tackle, contact a local cleaning service to take care of the work for you.

Check in With Your Movers – Give your team a call and confirm everything is reserved for your moving day. Now is the time to confirm with them their preferred payment method and to make sure you have cash on hand to tip them after the move (and, yes, you should tip them after the move unless there was a problem with the service).

Schedule Final Walkthrough with Landlord – If you’re leaving a rental, contact your landlord to schedule the final walkthrough. This should give you enough time to make any last-minute fixes (those nail holes won’t fill themselves). It’s always a good idea to take photographs of every room that show you’re leaving the space in good condition. This is also a good time to confirm your move-out date with your landlord.

2 Days Before

Prep Your Fridge & Freezer – Make sure your refrigerator and freezer are fully defrosted, cleaned and dry. Drain any water hoses and make sure, if you’re moving them into your new home, you have the necessary equipment on hand.

Pack an Essentials Box – This box should contain all of the things you’ll need over the first few days in your new home: coffee maker and necessary supplies, disposable cups, dishes and silverware, a few essential cleaning supplies, paper towels and dish soap.

Create an Important Document Box – Gather all of your important documents—passports, credit cards, cash, checks, keys—and put them in one box that will be moved in your personal vehicle.

Disassemble Bedroom Furniture – You may want to save this for the day before the move, but you’ll want to have your bed frames disassembled and ready to go prior to the movers’ arrival. It’s up to you whether you do it the day before or the morning of the move, but having it done in advance clears one more thing off your task list for moving day.

Moving Day!

Be prepared – You may think you’ll wake up naturally at the crack of dawn on moving day…but you’re likely exhausted from all of the prep you’ve been doing. Play it safe and set an alarm the morning of the move and plan to get up early. You’ll be grateful for the extra time when those unexpected hiccups happen (and they almost always do).

Welcome Your Movers – Greet your team when they arrive and stay available should they have any questions. Let them do their jobs and be sure to offer them refreshments, even if it is in the form of bottled water.

Make Your Bed – Once your bed frames and mattresses have been moved into your new home, make sure they’re set up ASAP. Put frames together, stack mattresses and place fresh sheets on the bed. There is nothing worse than spending the whole day moving, stumbling into your room and realizing your bed is in pieces. Same goes for the bathrooms—make sure they are stocked with towels and soaps for a hot shower (you can thank me later).

And there you have it—everything you’ll need for an organized and smooth moving experience. When it comes time to schedule your next move, we hope you’ll consider using Holloway Removalists. We think you’ll find us to be experienced, efficient and thorough. Contact us to discuss the variety of services available to you. We will create a tailored moving experience with everything you need and nothing you don’t.

After all, it’s your move.