Things to Consider When You’re Moving After the COVID-19 Pandemic

When you are ready to relocate after the COVID-19 pandemic, you must consider a few important things. Check them out here!

It seems as if the COVID-19 pandemic has lasted forever, but there are glimmers of hope throughout the world that this unprecedented pandemic is ever-so-slowly transitioning into an endemic which means, even though the virus is still present, the spread and infection rates are more stable. It also means that certain regions may experience an outbreak while others remain stable.

While in the pandemic phase, much of the world’s business ground to a halt. Even though removalist services in Sydney and other parts of Australia were considered essential business and allowed to operate, many people put off moving given the instability of the housing market and the uncertainty of the future.

As businesses begin to open once again and people return to a new version of normal life, many are wondering—what does a post-pandemic move look like these days? The short answer is…it depends on how the COVID-19 virus is behaving in the area where you are planning your move. To help sort out the confusion, we’ve come up with a list of things to consider.

Ask Your Removalists About Their COVID-19 Policy

Most moving companies now have an active COVID-19 policy posted on their website. This will tell you the policies and protocols the company plans to implement should the area experience a COVID surge. If your removalist does not have a website, give them a call and ask them about their COVID-19 policy. It’s important to remember that you’ll likely retain your moving company well in advance of your move and, while your area may not be currently experiencing a COVID surge, a spike could take place just before your moving date, so it’s best to know what to expect from your company if such an event takes place.

What if my area experiences a surge in COVID-19 cases? Can I cancel my move?

Give your removal company a call to inquire about their cancellation policy. Be sure to ask them if there is a difference between a regular cancellation and cancellation due to COVID-19. Many moving companies will allow you to cancel without incurring a financial penalty when given proper notice. If the company you are using requires you to leave a deposit, ask if it is refundable and under what circumstances.

I think I may be sick. Should I go through with my move?

The health and safety of you and the removal team are the top priority of any reputable moving company. It is imperative that you contact your team to make them aware of your illness. Because moving companies are essential businesses, they have been trained on how to work safely during a pandemic, and will apply the same techniques when working during an endemic. But communication is key, and letting them know they will be entering a home where someone is currently ill will ensure they are taking appropriate precautions to keep themselves and you safe.

I want to hire a moving company but am nervous about having people outside of my family in my home. How can I get a quote?

Most removal companies learned to incorporate the virtual world into their business model during the pandemic, offering clients virtual surveys in lieu of the traditional walk-through before providing a quote for services.

If you aren’t ready to have people in your home, contact your removal company and ask them if they are willing to perform a virtual survey instead.

Hiring a Professional Team is More Important Than Ever

It’s important to hire a professional team that knows how to safely move your belongings during a COVID-19 surge, so be sure to carefully vet companies before hiring them…and remember that cheaper doesn’t mean better.

Ask any removal company you’re considering whether they are a member of Australian Furniture Removers Association, or AFRA. This official body regulates the removal industry and only accredits companies using the necessary equipment and providing proper employee training. There’s a good chance that AFRA-certified movers will be properly trained in COVID-19 safety.

Your moving team should arrive with the proper PPE (personal protective equipment) and should sanitize regularly. You can help with this by providing hand sanitizer throughout your home and making sure soap, water, and paper towels are available at one sink in the home.

And so…

While there is no such thing as returning to our pre-COVID-19 version of normal, we can use the information we learned during the pandemic to ensure our belongings are moved safely. If you are looking for a professional removal team in the Sydney area, we hope you will contact us at Holloway Removals. Our AFRA-certified team takes your health seriously and will make every effort to ensure you and your family stay safe during your move.

You can trust that your next move will happen the right way…with Holloway.

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