Tips From Your Favorite Sydney Removalist: Our Top 3 Tips for Moving Plants to Your New Home

When shifting to a new home, you would like to move your decorative and other plants. Get to know the top tips here!

Congratulations! You’ve closed the deal, signed the papers, and have your moving day set. As you gather packing supplies and begin the challenging (and exciting!) task of packing up your belongings and preparing for your move, there may be one area of the home you haven’t factored into your move…your plants. You may have large potted plants on your patio and in your home that will need to be moved, or maybe you have a shrub or rose bush planted in your yard that holds significant sentimental value…how are you going to move that?

As one of Sydney’s top removalist companies, we’ve gathered a list of our top tips for moving and transplanting the plants you love from your old house to your new home.

But before we begin…it’s important to mention that you may not be able to take certain plants with you if you are executing an interstate move as the government prohibits the transport of certain plants, soils, green material, and fruits and veggies when crossing state lines to prevent the spread of pests and diseases. Click here to read the Australian Interstate Quarantine guidelines or use this search engine to find out what items can and cannot be transported to your destination.

It’s also important to note that some removalists refuse to move potted plants while others will load them onto moving trucks provided they are dry, free from pests, and that you understand plants can get damaged in the moving process. If you have hired removalists, be sure to confirm that they will move your plants for you.

Now, let’s dive in!

Potted Plants

1. Give Your Plants a Little TLC

Before you move, replace the soil in pots with fresh dirt. This will perk up your plants and ensure no ants, bugs, or other critters are accidentally being transported during the move. Give plants a thorough soaking 2-3 days before your move. This will ensure the roots are properly hydrated and the soil has time to dry out before the plants are loaded onto the moving van.
This is a great time to take plants out of heavy ceramic pots and transfer them to clean plastic pots for the move. Doing so makes them much lighter to carry, and the ceramic pots can be packed just as you would other fragile items (with plenty of bubble wrap or other padding).

2. Pack Properly

The day before your move, cover each plant with a plastic bag (or garbage bag for larger plants) and tie or tape the bag to the pot. This will keep soil from spilling in your moving van or your own car if you’re doing the transporting.

Collections of small plants can be packed in a cardboard box or wooden crate with bubble wrap providing padding between plants. Larger plants can be transported in the moving van (if allowed) or in a pickup truck with towels used as padding between plants. You’ll want to either anchor the pots using straps or pack other items around the plants to ensure they don’t fall over during transport.

3. Make Unpacking a Priority

Once you arrive in your new home, unpack plants as soon as you are able. Give them a good drink of water and allow a few weeks for recovery. You may notice some leaves dropping or withering, but this is usually temporary.

Transplanting Plants

1. Hydrate and Trim

Before you dig up a shrub or bush, make sure the plant has been well watered. And, to make sure the plant is healthy, it’s a good idea to trim off any branches that appear dead or sickly to help the plant conserve energy during the move.

2. Carefully Extract

As you dig up your plant, be sure to leave a generous perimeter around the plant to leave the root ball undisturbed. This is the key to minimising the amount of stress the plant must endure. Transfer the plant to a plastic pot, add sterile soil, and water once again with the last watering happening 2-3 days before the move.

3. Replant ASAP

Time is of the essence here, friends. Plants that are used to living in the ground don’t enjoy living in a pot, so plan to dig a new hole in your new yard within the first day or two of move-in to get your plants back where they are the happiest

And so…

If you find yourself in need of a committed removalist team, we hope you’ll contact us at Holloway. We’ll get you and your plants moved into your new home as quickly and efficiently as possible. Contact us today for a custom quote.

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