Tips From Your Favorite Sydney Removalist: The Top 5 Most Difficult Items to Move

Certain items can’t be relocated with ease. Find out the list of top five difficult items to move in Sydney and get tips to eliminate errors. Click here!

If you are a regular reader of our blog (thank you!) you know that we offer tips, tricks and suggestions for all sorts of moves. And even though we happen to be one of Sydney’s most trusted removal companies, we often post blogs with tips for pulling off your own DIY move or money-saving tips to use when moving on a budget.

But there are some items that are difficult…and we mean really difficult…to move unless you have access to specialised equipment. And so, we thought we’d share with you today the top 5 most difficult items to move (in our opinion). If you own any of these items, you may be better off leaving your move to the pros.

1. Pianos

No surprise here. Pianos are big and heavy, with smaller pianos weighing 135 kilos and larger instruments exceeding 450 kilos. Additionally, they can have as many as 7,000 intricate parts housed inside them that can be damaged during a DIY move.

Trying to move a piano through brute strength is just asking for injury. Professional movers have the equipment—namely specialised dollies and even cranes—and experience to safely transport your piano to your new location.

2. Pool Table

Coming in a close second to pianos are pool, or billiard, tables. The average pool table easily weighs as much as the heaviest piano, often exceeding 450 kilos. This makes them tremendously challenging to transport.

It’s almost a given that you will have to disassemble your table in order to move it on your own, a process that is time-consuming and increases the likelihood that you’ll lose a few bolts and screws in the process.

As is the case with pianos, hiring a professional team of removal experts frees you up to take care of other business while the pros use their equipment and expertise to safely move your pool table.

3. Aquariums

Industry experts agree—transporting a large fish tank is one of the most challenging moves in the business. Many of them weigh more than 250 kilos, are made of thick pieces of glass, are terrifyingly slippery and impossibly fragile.

There are removal companies that specialise in the transport of aquariums. They know exactly how to move your tank with minimal impact on the fish and other residents. Rather than trying to move your fish in a bucket, contact a team of pros to ensure your valuable aquarium makes it to your new home intact.

4. Fine Art

If you are lucky enough to own a collection of fine art and/or sculpture, it’s important to know that such items are inherently difficult to move as many of them are oddly shaped, often heavy and quite delicate in nature. Should any of the pieces incur damage during your move, the odds are high that their value will take a hit. And, depending on the specifics of your collection, your art may require transport in a climate-controlled van in addition to specialised packing practices.

When choosing a removal company, be sure to confirm that they are experienced in the handling of fine art pieces and ask them if they carry insurance in the event that damage occurs during transport.

5. Large Plants and Their Pots

Large plants or trees that live in heavy ceramic or clay pots are challenging to move. In fact, many removal companies refuse to transport them because, a. they are a royal pain and, b. depending on where you’re moving you may not be able to take them with you.

If you are planning an interstate move, be sure to check this website to see what plants are and are not approved for transport. It really is important to abide by the guidelines. If you are caught with banned plants, you may be fined, and the plants will be destroyed.

And so…

We hope we’ve made the case for hiring a professional team if you are planning a move that includes one or more of the items on our list.

And if you are looking for the perfect removal experts to entrust with your move, we hope you’ll contact us at Holloway Removals. Our AFRA-accredited team is friendly and committed and will arrive at your door with everything they need to execute a professional and efficient move.

Whether you’re packing a piano or transporting a tank of tangs, our team understands the value of your belongings and promises to treat them as if they were our own.

Click here to contact us for a custom quote and be sure to mention if you have any of the above items that might require a little extra attention. We will happily provide you with a custom quote filled with every service you need and nothing you don’t.

Let us move your difficult items…and everything else…the right way, with Holloway.

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