Check out this beautiful time-lapse video of our Holloway boys constructing modular mobile storage units at our Alexandria warehouse. We often get asked ‘what is modular mobile storage?’ Here’s a quick explainer for you to understand it better, and why Holloway is king at it 🙂

Modular Mobile Storage

Modular mobile storage (also known as mobile self-storage) is a form of storage, where special containers, called ‘modules’, are used to store as much or as little as you want.

The way it works is simple; you request one of our 10 cubic meter mobile storage units. We then deliver the module directly to your door, carefully pack your stuff away, and drive the module back to our high-security warehouse. When you need your things again, we drive the module back home, no fuss no muss.


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Why is Modular Mobile Storage Great?

Not all moves are quick and simple, and not all storage requires a set amount of space.

Traditionally, customers had to drive to a warehouse to place their things in storage. Now, if you require flexible, short-term and secure storage, we bring customised storage space to you.

No more paying for storage you don’t need or driving boxes to warehouses, everything is from the comfort of your home. We load and unload once, meaning there’s less handling of your items and less risk of damage.

Why Is Holloway King At Mobile Self Storage?

At Holloway, we’re 100% passionate about providing a premium delivery and storage service to you. It’s a Holloway way.

We pride ourselves on calmly and efficiently moving your items from the module at your home, to the warehouse, and back. Because simply saying goodbye to your things can be a tough time, we always go above and beyond to make sure your mobile self-storage service is smooth and seamless.