We all have that one nightmare moving experience…you know the one…when you decided to get a couple of college buddies to help you move apartments. For most of us, the memory of trying to haul a sofa down a flight of stairs or the memory of all the things that were destroyed during that sub-par move are enough to make us say—


If you can swing it financially, hiring a professional team to do the packing and moving for you is a huge weight off your shoulders. It also leaves people wondering:

If they are packing everything up and moving it…what do I do? Do I even need to be there?

We’ve gathered some answers for you.

Yes, You Need to Be There

Hiring a professional team to do the grunt work doesn’t mean you can go grab lunch with your family or friends. It’s your stuff and you are likely legally required to be present should any issues arise or if the team has questions.

Before They Arrive, Do Some Prep Work

The pros will bring everything needed to pack up your items—boxes, tape, packing material—but you can help speed up the process (and save yourself a little money) by taking care of a few things in advance.

Go through your house and get rid of unwanted items (do you really want to pay to have old stacks of magazines boxed up and moved?). Cutting down the amount of stuff that needs to be packed will save the movers time and you money.

You’ll also want to pre-pack anything you want to keep with you on moving day, whether that’s valuables, sentimental belongings, or the things you’ll want access to once everything is out of your old house (namely cleaning supplies).

Welcome the Team on Packing Day

Think of yourself as the host or hostess of this “packing party”. Greet your team and take time to go over the game plan and give them a tour of what needs to be packed in each room. Make sure they know which restroom to use and keep it stocked with toilet tissue, soap, and hand towels.

Like any good host, you should offer your team something to drink. Bottled water is fine, but it’s nice to offer tea or coffee as well. And, while some balk at the idea of feeding the people they’re paying to pack their home, it really is good etiquette to offer some snacks. Not only will the team appreciate your effort, it will help keep their energy up, and more energy means faster packing…which means it’s cheaper for you in the long run.

While They’re Packing

There’s no need to stand around while the team works…there’s plenty you can do during the packing process.

  • While the packers are busy, go through each room and remove anything from the walls—photos, art, clocks, shelving—and place them in one location. Unplug all electronics from the wall and consider taking photos of how wires connect so you can quickly reassemble everything in the new home.
  • Make sure all the bedding and sheets are removed from mattresses and folded for packing.
  • While the team is packing larger or more delicate items, you can save time by packing up a few easy things yourself, like your clothing or your sneaker collection.
  • Stay available. The team may have questions about how you’d like certain items packaged. If you do have to leave for some reason, make sure someone you trust is able to be in your home while you’re out, and be sure to give your cell phone number to the team leader.
  • Create an “off limits” area where you store things that are not to be packed up by the movers (like household chemicals, personal medications, or valuable items).
  • Use the free time you have while the packing team is working to make all those pesky phone calls to change your address at your pharmacy, doctor’s offices, and with your vehicle registration. If you need to transfer electricity or cable services to your new address, this would be a great time to do it. While you’re at it, grab your laptop and start going through all the sites where you shop online and update your information to show your new address. Trust us, you’ll be glad you did.

Hiring a professional packing and moving team is gift to yourself and your sanity. You’ll be amazed at how quickly and efficiently they will pack your home. And, if you’re on the hunt for professional removalists, we’d love to hear from you. We’ll create a custom estimate for your home that includes everything you need and nothing you don’t. Give us a call today at 1300 050 852 or fill in this contact form to learn more.