Tips From Your Friendly Sydney Removalist: Why Hiring Professional Packers and Movers is Absolutely Worth It

Are you ready to move to your dream location? Get to know the top reasons for hiring experienced packers and movers before you make a decision.

There’s no two ways around it—prepping for and executing a home move is no small task, and many times it ends up being stressful. Unfortunately, many homeowners try to cut corners and save money by packing and moving themselves…a decision that only increases their stress levels in the long run.

Yet the removal industry seems to be one of the few where clients feel they can tackle the task without proper training (when was the last time you heard of someone with a toothache saying, “Meh…I can probably take off this myself”?).

If you’re still on the fence, deciding whether to hire professionals for your packing and moving needs, we’ve gathered a helpful list with the reasons why we always suggest going with the pros.

The Case for Hiring Professional Packers

Some homeowners consider the hiring of professional packers to be a luxury service that only the wealthy can afford. But the truth is, just as it is when hiring removalists, packing services are available at a variety of price points, so don’t assume they’re beyond your budget.

It Saves Time

There’s a reason we call them professionals. Pro packers make a living carefully wrapping and packing even the most delicate items, ensuring everything will arrive in its new home in the same condition it left.

Because professional packers pack and unpack homes routinely, they have the task down to an artform, and can accomplish it in a fraction of the time it takes a novice to complete. It is not uncommon for packing up a house to take the regular homeowner weeks…or even months…to complete. A professional packing team, on the other hand, can pack up a home in 8 – 12 hours without breaking a sweat. If you put a price tag on the time you’ll spend packing yourself, hiring pros seems well worth the expense.

It Reduces Your Stress Levels

Hiring professional packers takes a lot of pressure off your shoulders. All that time and energy you would have spent packing can be placed taking care of other moving-related tasks.

Pro packers also relieve the stress that comes from trying to figure out how to safely pack all those delicate or fragile items around the home, like televisions, electronic equipment, artwork, mirrors, chandeliers, and fine china.

It Ensures Your Items Packed Perfectly

It’s not just delicate items that can be challenging to pack. What about your book collection? How many books is too many before the bottom of your box falls out due to the weight? How do you know what things can be packed together and which items need a box of their own?

These are the questions professional packers can answer. They know exactly which packing materials to use to properly pad your items. They know which boxes need to be lined with bubble wrap and which can go without. And they know how to load wrapped items into boxes so that nothing gets broken while in transit.

The Case for Hiring Professional Removalists

It’s a tale as old as time—that of the homeowner who, at the eleventh hour, convinces him- or herself that a move can be tackled independently with the help of a few friends and family members. It’s a tragic story that often ends in frustration and broken relationships…ok, that may be a bit overdramatic, but you get the idea.

You’re Paying for Experience and Knowledge

Professional removalists are highly trained and know how to do their job in a safe manner. Some removalists are certified by the Australian Furniture Removalists Association (AFRA). Only those who have the necessary equipment, vehicles, and staff training receive this prestigious certification, so you know you’re hiring experts within their field.

Pros know exactly how to move boxes and furniture without injuring themselves or others. They know how to maneuver unwieldy pieces without damaging walls. And they know exactly how to load a moving van in a way that maximizes the space available without compromising the safety of your items.

They Bring Everything Needed for the Move

DIY’ers often forget that, while they are saving money by not hiring movers, much of that cash will have to go right back out to pay for renting a moving van, dollies, straps, blankets, and other equipment. And don’t be surprised if it takes you more than one day to complete the move, which results in additional rental fees.

When you hire a professional team, they will arrive on moving day with the truck, the manpower, and all the equipment necessary to move your belongings into your new home within a few hours.

If you’re interested in learning more about the true cost…and value…of hiring professional packers and removalists in the Sydney area, contact us at Holloway Removals. Our friendly staff of experts is ready and waiting to offer you a detailed quote, filled with everything you need…and nothing you don’t.

We look forward to moving you the right way…with Holloway.

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