If you are preparing for a move, it’s highly likely the following thought has crossed your mind:

Hiring removalists is pricey. I can probably talk a few friends into helping me.

Such ideas are common, and they’re about as advisable as having a group of friends help you wrangle an alligator out of your backyard—doing it on your own just isn’t a good idea.

We’ve gathered 6 of the top reasons why you should hire pros for your Sydney move…doing so might even end up saving you money! Let’s take a look.

1. They Can Pack and Move Your Items

To some people, hiring a professional team to pack your home up sounds like an extravagant expense, but this is one of those instances where it can actually save you money.

Hear us out. As careful as you may be when packing, there is no way you will reach the expertise and efficiency that is found with a pro packing team. This is what they do for a living, and they can quickly pack up an entire home in a matter of hours. For most homeowners, packing is a tedious chore that requires weeks of work, packing boxes up after the workday is done and over weekends. Some people are forced to use vacation days or take unpaid leave to get everything packed. It’s easy to see how the cost of self-packing can quickly add up.

Ask your mover for a quote on having your home professionally packed. You might be surprised how reasonable the cost can be.

2. Professional Movers are….well, Pros

Professional movers have undergone rigorous training to learn how to properly handle personal belongings and how to safely move heavy furniture and appliances while avoiding injury. Sadly, the same cannot be said for your bunch of college buddies who have agreed to help you move in exchange for a case of beer and a couple of pizzas.

A professional team knows exactly how to pack furniture, and boxes into the moving van and secure them to ensure everything stays safe while in transit.

3. Your Belongings are Insured

Let’s say you’ve decided to go the college buddy route in lieu of a professional removalist team. Everything is going along swimmingly…until Tony forgets to strap down the furniture in the van and your dining room table takes a tumble, losing a couple of legs in the process. Who is going to replace that table…Tony? The guy working for beer and pizza? The odds of getting a replacement table out of old Tony seem very low.

Any professional team worth their salt should offer insurance to cover items that are damaged during the move or while in transit. Insurance policies can vary, so be sure to verify the team you’ve selected is, in fact, insured and discuss exactly what their insurance covers.

4. They Bring Their Own Equipment

People often try to move themselves to save money, forgetting that, without a professional crew, they are forced to rent their own, truck, dollies, moving blankets, and any other specialised equipment necessary to move large items from their home (that piano your kids love is going to require special care to move).

When you hire a professional team, all the equipment (along with pros who know how to use it) are included in the cost of your move.

5. They’re Fast and Efficient

The average person moves 11 times in their lifetime. An experienced moving crew moves 11 times in a week. Because they are regularly packing and moving homes, they are fast and efficient in their efforts.

Professional movers have seen and moved it all. Maneuvering heavy furniture up and down stairs or around hairpin turns is all in a day’s work for removalists…and they can accomplish in minutes tasks that will take your and your ragtag crew hours to complete.

They’re also incredibly efficient when packing and can get all your belongings moved with a single trip, likely taking 4 – 8 hours depending on the size of your home. You and your buddies will likely be making multiple trips over a couple of days and will be forced to rent the truck and all the moving equipment and accessories that are included when hiring professional removalists.

6. They Provide Peace of Mind

There is just something incredibly calming knowing a professional crew is taking care of your move from start to finish. While it can be hard to give control over to someone else, hiring a team of pros frees you up to do any of the millions of other tasks on your to-do list.

If you’re interested in finding out just how cost-effective hiring movers can be, contact us at Holloway Removals and Storage. Our expert team is waiting to provide you with a custom quote for every service you need and nothing you don’t.

After all, it’s your move.