Anyone who has ever moved knows that feeling of excitement and anticipation (and, if we’re being honest a bit of stress) that comes over you when moving day arrives. Moving day can provide all of the hectic energy of a wedding…with none of the cake.

But, when it comes to pulling off the big day—be it wedding or moving—your life will be made easier if you have an uber-thorough checklist. Lucky for you, we’ve taken the guesswork out of what to include in your must have moving day checklist and provided all the details below (you’ll have to look elsewhere for wedding day tips).

Catch That Worm, Early Bird!

Moving ALWAYS takes longer than you think it will…trust me. Do yourself a favor and schedule your move as early possible on moving day. Be sure to set an alarm as a safety net. You’ll be grateful for the extra daylight hours if you need them and, if you don’t? Pat yourself on the back and enjoy the extra time to unpack or just unwind.

Pack Last Minute Items

If you spent the night before in your soon-to-be old home, be sure to strip any bedding off all mattresses and pack it up. Once you bathe or shower, pack away any bathroom toiletries and towels. (Here’s a tip: designate one bathroom to be used by you and the moving team as needed. Leave it stocked with toilet tissue, soap and a hand towel. You can easily throw these items in your personal vehicle when you make your last trip).

Make Sure Your Fridge/Freezer Defrosted

Ideally, you unplugged your refrigerator and/or freezer the day before, giving it plenty of time to thoroughly defrost. The morning of the move, give the unit a once over and wipe dry any residual moisture.

Make Way for the Movers

When your removalists arrive, be sure to greet them warmly (after all, they’re going to have all of your valuable and sentimental items in their hands). Offer to walk through your home with them and point out any boxes that contain fragile items. Make sure that paths are clear for them to move safely through the home when carrying large boxes or heavy furniture.

Keep Your Phone Close and Stay Available

You’re the head coordinator of this moving project, so it’s important that those who are working for you can reach you. Keep your phone on you at all times and make sure the movers have your number. Ideally, you’ll stay on site during the move so you’re able to answer any questions the team has but, if you do need to run an errand, take your phone so you’re available.

Provide Refreshments for Your Team

We all know moving can be back breaking work and your removalists will require breaks. If you can offer them a bite to eat—think donuts, pizza or any other food that can be left out for a few hours—it will keep energy high. At the bare minimum, you should have bottles of water available. It’s a small gesture that shows the team you care about them and one that might improve the quality of service you receive.

Make Your Final Walk Through

That’s it…everything is loaded on the truck or in your car and ready to move. Before you leave for your new home, be sure to take a final walk through your old home, opening cabinets, drawers and closets to check for any overlooked items. Make sure doors and windows are locked and utilities are turned off.

Clean (If You Haven’t Already)

Some people opt to wait to clean until the house is empty. If that is the case for you, now is the time to make sure flooring under furniture is swept or vacuumed and counters and sinks are clean. If you decide you don’t have it in you to clean on moving day (and who could blame you?), consider hiring a professional cleaning company to do the job. Many offer move-out packages with pricing that varies depending on the size of your home.

And, there you have it—the ultimate moving day checklist. We hope this offers you a little peace of mind as your big day approaches. And, if you haven’t found your perfect moving team yet, we hope you’ll give us at Holloway Removalists a chance to earn your business. We’d love to create a custom quote for you, providing everything you need and nothing you don’t.

After all, it’s your move.