As we approach the end of the year, we can now look back on our progress and what we achieved so far. 2018 was an incredible year for us and that’s all thanks to amazing customers and an incredibly hard-working team. We grew our business tremendously and have so many things in store for 2019! Here’s a recap of our 2018 journey so far.

 A new, bigger, better warehouse

One of the most massive changes here at Holloway is the new warehouse, 7 times bigger than our previous one. Not only will it be able to house and store even more of your belongings, but it’s way more accessible to you by being close to the Airport. Check out our modular storage units below! Not only that, but our whole team will be moving soon to the new office built in that warehouse, meaning we’ll be able to make the moving and storage experience faster and smoother by having everyone in the same place.

Receiving our AFRA certification

We wouldn’t call ourselves the best removalist team of Sydney without getting our AFRA certification! Well, consider it done!
AFRA stands for “Australian Furniture Removers Association” and provides a certification to declare a furniture removalist company having the proper equipment, vehicles, and staff training. Being part of the AFRA also means that we can provide a moving insurance to our customers and guaranty them the best care.

A brand new website

You probably noticed by now, but we recently renovated our website and have many more new functionalities in store for you! Our goal is to ensure you have a smooth experience, whether with our storage or removing services, and give you lightning-fast quotes.

2018 is also 10 000 customers serviced and hundreds of stellar reviews

We’re very proud to announce that this year means about 10 000 customers and nearly all of them loving our service! It’s a pleasure to read all our customers’ reviews and what a great time they had thanks to our amazing staff. We strive to give the best service and to ensure that our clients’ belongings are moved or stored with the utmost care, and always with a smile!
Moving home can be a stressful time and our goal is to make this experience worry free.


4 new trucks and counting

What’s an ever-growing team of removalists without their trucks? As our business grows, our fleet keeps expanding and we added 4 new trucks to our warehouse.

More amazing projects

2018 was also synonymous with great projects and you can read more about them on our dedicated pages: Dedon 3PL project, Bowerbirds Logistics and Olde English Tiles warehouse relocation.

What’s coming for 2019?

As we reach the end of this year, we still have many things in store for our customers! Here are some hints of what’s to come:

  • New functionalities on the websites, making it easier for you to book our services!
  • A better online presence that will be able to help and answer your questions at any time of the day
  • A new payment option that will be more budget-friendly

But most importantly, we’d like to extend our thanks one more time to our amazing customers and collaborators that made this year just as incredible. We wish you all happy holidays and we look forward to working together in 2019.