There are no two ways around it—packing up your home and moving into a new space is stressful even under ideal circumstances. The planning, the actual home selling and buying, the amount of coordination that must take place…it’s enough to get your heart rate soaring just thinking about it.

That’s why it’s so important to build a little R and R into your moving schedule, so you have time to recover from the stress and excitement of your move. And, as one of Sydney’s most-trusted removal companies, we know a thing a two about the stress that can accompany relocation, and that’s why we’re sharing our top 6 ways to enjoy a little rest and relaxation following a move.

1. Build a recovery day (or two!) into your moving schedule.

There’s nothing worse than moving one day and having to go back to work the next. If possible, plan to take an additional day or two off after your move to allow time to recover. If you don’t have vacation days to use, you might also try scheduling your move on a Friday so you can use the weekend for rest days. But, in full disclosure, Fridays are very popular moving days for this very reason, and you may need to book your move well in advance to get one.

2. Eat a good meal.

On the day you complete your move, you may or may not feel like getting cleaned up and going out to eat. If you feel up to it, consider exploring your new neighborhood by trying a local restaurant that offers your favorite type of food. If you can’t bear the thought of going out, consider having food delivered, either from a new establishment or from one of your old favorites.

The choice is yours, but the idea is to nourish yourself with food that you love for a moving job well done.

3. Go for a walk in your new neighborhood.

Step outside and take a walk in your new space. This will give you an opportunity to familiarise yourself with your new neighborhood and possibly meet a few neighbors while you’re at it.

Another benefit of getting outdoors? It turns out that walking in the great wide open is actually good for you, regardless of whether you live in an urban or rural area. Recent research shows that spending time outdoors releases certain chemicals in the brain that can boost your move and improve your sense of well-being.

So, once you’re all moved in…take a breath…then take a walk. Your body and mind will thank you for it.

4. Enjoy family time.

There’s no such thing as “too soon” when it comes to making memories in your new home. If you have kids, gather everyone together for your first official game or movie night in your new home. You can pop some popcorn or enjoy that takeout you ordered while playing Monopoly or watching the latest Marvel movie.

If you are sans kids, you may want to invite local friends or family over for a very casual pizza and game or movie night. But it’s important to remember that this is not a formal event and your home won’t be showroom ready…so only invite those with whom you are comfortable seeing most of your stuff still in boxes. The point of this get-together is to reduce your stress…not add to it.

5. Book a massage.

Scheduling a massage after a move is good for you for several reasons. It is wonderful for addressing the sore and fatigued muscles that often plague people who’ve been lifting boxes and furniture all day. And there are a variety of massage styles you can try: Swedish is gentle and relaxing while deep tissue can address soreness and muscle damage.

The benefits of massage include a reduction in stress and an increase in relaxation, improved circulation, and a reduction in muscle soreness. Be sure to book your massage in advance…it will give you something to look forward to while you are in the thick of the moving process.

6. Schedule a yoga or meditation class.

Even those who are inexperienced in the art of meditation and yoga can benefit from taking a class after a stressful move.

Though it may sound like hocus pocus, even the Mayo Clinic recognizes the ability of meditation to reduce anxiety, stress, and tension.

And the same goes for yoga—it’s a great way to let go of stress while reclaiming your Zen.

And so…

If you are planning for an upcoming move and looking for a removal team that makes your move as stress-free as possible, we hope you’ll contact us at Holloway Removals. Our experienced team will make short work of your move, allowing you to get on with your relaxation activities.

Make your move the right way…with Holloway.