What to Do With That Mountain of Post-Move Boxes & Materials: Top 3 Tips to Make Them Disappear

Is there anything better than basking in the after-moving glow? You’re tucked into your new space. You’ve unpacked (Some of? Most of? We won’t judge) your boxes and the new location is starting to feel like home. What you may be avoiding, however, is that insurmountable mountain of pressed paper lurking in your garage or […]

Make Your New House a Home in 6 Easy Steps

Congratulations! You’ve done it! You’ve packed and prepped. You’ve transported and stacked. After months of preparation you’re FINALLY in your new house. The final challenge? Turning the new space into a proper home. We’ve collected a few essential tips that will make the transformation process a whole lot easier. Let’s take a look: 1. Clean […]

How to Pack Moving Boxes Like a Champ: All the Tips & Tricks You Need

We all know how stressful organising a move can be. Perhaps the only thing that’s more stressful than packing for a move is unpacking only to find your beloved items have broken during the process due to poor preparation. If the idea of packing properly sends you into a panic, fear not. We’ve collected a […]

Your Must Have Moving Day Checklist

Anyone who has ever moved knows that feeling of excitement and anticipation (and, if we’re being honest a bit of stress) that comes over you when moving day arrives. Moving day can provide all of the hectic energy of a wedding…with none of the cake. But, when it comes to pulling off the big day—be […]

Your Ultimate Moving Checklist, Part 2: The Big Move is 2 Weeks Away and Counting!

If you joined us for last week’s blog, you know that preparing for the big move should start much earlier than most people realize—about 2 months prior to moving day. (If you missed last week’s blog, fear not! You can catch up by clicking here to read Part 1 of the Ultimate Moving Checklist.) So, […]

Your Ultimate Moving Checklist Part 1: How To Plan Early for Moving Day

If a move is in your future, you’re likely itching to write the big day on your calendar. For most of us, moving day is where we aim our focus—out with old, in with new as they say….and we just can’t wait for the new! Yet, while moving day feels like THE big event, there […]

Things Your Movers Need From You on Moving Day

You’ve organized, donated and packed. You’ve selected the perfect moving company and, at last, the big day is finally here. Moving day has arrived, along with excitement and—if you’re being honest—perhaps a little anxiety. As is the case on your wedding day, being nervous on moving day is completely understandable. Your watching strangers carry out […]

What Type of Removalist Do You Need? Finding the Right Team for Your Job

No matter how many times I’ve moved, the moving process always seems more challenging than I remembered. Packing, loading, transporting, unloading and unpacking all seem to take FOREVER. That’s why hiring a removal company appeals to so many; we love the idea of someone else dealing with all of the moving hassles. But, it can […]

Packing and Moving Awkward Items – How to Get it Right

When it comes time to pack up your home in preparation for the big move, there are some items that pack up easily. Clothing? No problem. Children’s toys? Easy. But there are others that give any novice home packer pause, particularly large, bulky and strangely-shaped objects. Here is a list of common household items that […]

Hiring Packers – Is it the Right Move for You?

We all know moving is a BIG DEAL. There are so many aspects to juggle: planning, preparing, packing, coordinating time off from work … and budgeting for moving services. As you research removalists, you’ll quickly learn they offer a wide variety of services. Once such service that is often overlooked is that of professional packers. […]

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