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Our boxes are cost-effective and cheaper than Sydney retail prices, as are our other packaging supplies, including bubble wrap, tape, shipping boxes and mailer boxes. The Sydney team can easily assess your packing material requirements and ensure that they are available for your Sydney home move.

Our mobile wardrobe boxes keep your clothes organised and wrinkle-free. Our specialised boxes can move your Sydney home’s art, delicate fine china, TVs, sensitive electronics, books and much more. Sydney, if you need packing supplies and sturdy box equipment for an affordable price, call us!

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19 January, 2021

Planning a Move? Consider Hiring Prepackers

Moving can be an exciting time—finding the perfect new space, negotiating the best possible deal, the thrill that comes when a new set of keys are placed in your hand. It can also be stressful—searching for the best moving service, budgeting for the expense, deciding what services to pay for and what to tackle yourself. […]

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12 January, 2021

What to Do With That Mountain of Post-Move Boxes & Materials: Top 3 Tips to Make Them Disappear

Is there anything better than basking in the after-moving glow? You’re tucked into your new space. You’ve unpacked (Some of? Most of? We won’t judge) your boxes and the new location is starting to feel like home. What you may be avoiding, however, is that insurmountable mountain of pressed paper lurking in your garage or […]

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5 January, 2021

Make Your New House a Home in 6 Easy Steps

Congratulations! You’ve done it! You’ve packed and prepped. You’ve transported and stacked. After months of preparation you’re FINALLY in your new house. The final challenge? Turning the new space into a proper home. We’ve collected a few essential tips that will make the transformation process a whole lot easier. Let’s take a look: 1. Clean […]

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